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DΞSYNCΣD[edit source]

Desynced: A sci-fi survival strategy game where you gather, build, explore and fight to survive using fully customizable units and behaviors. Explore and automate or die. Research new technology, discover an AI on the brink of self-awareness and step into the Blight to uncover the truth of this world. Traverse a procedurally-generated infinite landscape with many mysteries to explore. Solve ancient ruins, defend against hostile forces, and discover new resources and biomes in order to advance your technology.

Customization[edit source]

Endless unit customization via a component swapping system. Swap out your miner components with turrets to build an army, or carry around multiple components for when you might need them. Link components to have them coordinate data, or write Behaviors using a node graph based visual editor for more complex automation.

Multiplayer and Modding[edit source]

Cooperate with your friends, controlling the same units or as separate factions in the same world. Play competitively, vying for resources to gain an advantage and destroy your enemies. Modding available through the Steam Workshop via LUA scripts allows for custom components, world customization or even custom scenarios and game modes.