Mission:Human Discovery

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The 'Human Discovery' mission begins when encountering a wrecked Human Explorer (Broken) at the edge of a Blight field, its coordinates revealed by a "Strange Signal Found" event. Repair the Explorer and use its resistance to the Blight to capture anomaly particles and craft the Human Simulation Core.

01: Power the Explorer[edit | edit source]

The Human Explorer (Broken) begins as a stationary entity located at the edge of a Blight biome. When selected it shows a Repairable gauge, demanding 10 units each of Metal Bars, Metal Plates and Crystal Chunks.

Once all items are delivered the Repairable will convert into a Human Explorer bot. It features a hidden Blight Charger component, one Internal socket and one Anomaly inventory slot. You may wish to shut down the Explorer or camp it within the Blight if its 50 Power Usage is a liability.

02: Take the Explorer to a Human Research Lab[edit | edit source]

You can find a Human Research Lab as part of any group of Human Explorable structures. Take the Human Explorer to the Human Research Lab, revealing the "Connect" challenge. Click it to complete this step.

03: Gather 20 Anomaly Particles[edit | edit source]

When a bot or building up to 2 spaces away mines a unit of Blight Crystal Chunk it has a 25% chance of causing one Anomaly Particle to be gathered by every Anomaly inventory within 2 sells. Set the Explorer to follow a mining bot harvesting Blight Crystals and you will likely have the requisite 20 Particles after mining about 80 units of Blight Crystal Chunks.

Once your Explorer has 20 Anomaly Particles bring it back to a Human Research Lab and use the "Connect" interaction once more.

04: Deploy the Research Facility[edit | edit source]

Connecting to the Human Lab reveals a new functionality within the Human Explorer: a single-use Deployer component loaded with an AI Research Center. Unpack the structure within your power grid. (You may need to deselect the Explorer for the Deployer to appear.)

05: Dense Anomaly Clusters[edit | edit source]

The AI Research Center is ready to produce one Dense Anomaly Cluster from twenty Anomaly Particles. Ensure you have the power necessary to use the facility (250 base + 500 for production) then transfer the Particles from your Human Explorer to begin crafting.

06: Construct an AI Containment Component[edit | edit source]

In order to safely utilize the Dense Anomaly Cluster you will need to contain it within a standalone Re-simulator Core. The recipe should now be available for production at an Assembler for 10 units each of Silica Sand and Blight Crystal Chunks. The AI Research Center can now combine the Core and Cluster into a Human Simulation Core.

07: Place the AI Core in the resimulator[edit | edit source]

Install the Artificial Human Core into your Re-simulator to enable recipes that produce Human technologies such as the Human Flyer and Human Tank.