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A gameplay element unique to Desynced is the use of registers. Each unit and building has four registers which can be used to automate basic behavior, send information to other units, or show useful information to the player.

Many components have their own registers and a key interaction in the game is linking them together to pass information from one register to another. The game does this by default with Fabricators, Assemblers and Miners by putting the result of their register output in the Visual register of the component's parent.

Linking registers together is as simple as clicking and dragging from one register to the next.

Emits a signal that can be read by other units
Displays an icon over the building or unit, useful as a visual reminder

when factories are dedicated to manufacturing a specific product.

This register stores a destination where this unit or building will try to

unload inventory. Useful for moving materials into storage, or making chains of linked storage facilities

This register tells a unit to go to a particular destination. Assigning this

register to another unit will cause the first unit to follow the second.

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