Blight Extraction

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Blight Extraction
Extracted blight gas essence
Lua ID blight_extraction
Type Resource
Stack Size 100
Slot Type Gas

Blight Extraction is an advanced natural resource.
One of three resources which can be collected from the Blight biome is its gaseous miasma. Because it cannot be gathered by Miners or kept in normal Inventory a number of new components are needed to extract and store the substance. Blight Extraction is acquired by placing a socketed Blight Extractor in the vicinity of the Blight biome. It will begin collecting gas within its internal storage, up to 100 units per stack. Once obtained, special storage components such as the Blight Container Small are necessary to move the extracted gas to other units.
Recipe Uses

Blight Plasma
Output 5
Blight Crystal Chunk
Blight Extraction

Produced By 30 secs

File:Power Petal.png
Power Petal
Output 10
Blight Extraction
Obsidian Brick

Produced By 30 secs