Metal Ore

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Metal Ore
Rock permeated with shiny fragments of strong building material
Lua ID metalore
Type Resource
Stack Size 20
Slot Type Storage
Alien Miner
Mining Time 6 Seconds
Laser Mining Tool
Mining Time 3 Seconds
Mining Time 6 Seconds

Metal Ore is a natural minable resource.

One of the first resources that players must manage is the gathering and refining of Metal. Metal Ore deposits are common and easily found in the early game. Gather from these deposits by using a bot or building equipped with a Miner or Laser Mining Tool.

To be used in production of useful items, Metal Ore must be smelted into Metal Bars in a Fabricator. This contrasts with Crystal Chunks, another early game material, which is used in many early items without need for processing.


  • Because Metal Ore must be processed into Metal Bars to be useful, you may wish to keep your mining and smelting units close to each other. You can even use multi-socket buildings (like the 1x1 (2S) ) or adjacent buildings linked via Portable Transporter to reduce demand on your logistics bots.
Recipe Uses:

Aluminum Rod
Output 5
Laterite ore
Metal Ore

Produced By 16 secs

Metal Bar
Output 1
Metal Ore

Produced By 4 secs