Blight Extractor

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Blight Extractor
Extracts blight gas when placed inside a blighted area
Lua ID c_blight_extractor
Size Small
Power -50
Extraction Time 15 seconds

The Blight Extractor is a Small-sized Component.

Blight Extractors are used to gather Blight Extraction from Blight biomes. When equipped to a bot or building placed next to the Blight Interference zone they will begin passively gathering Blight Extraction into its internal storage.

Be advised: Blight Extraction requires a unique inventory slot type! Any unit attempting to receive or transfer the resource must have a gas-compatible storage component such as another Blight Extractor or an Internal Blight Container.

Crystal Powder High-Density Frame Blight Extractor
Crystal Powder 10 High-Density Frame 2 Arrow Right Blight Extractor
Produced by
Assembler Time
8 seconds
Required Technology
Blight Discovery Blight Discovery