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Guides[edit | edit source]

This section highlights some popular guides for Desynced. Guides gives basic information and pointers, not detailed instructions.

New Game Guides[edit | edit source]

For new players starting a fresh world or if you restart a game. Read these to help you playing a new game in Desynced

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What to do before deploying your base Some tips to know before your Mobile Command Center is deployed into a Command Center building.

Game Guides[edit | edit source]

Some in depth guides and useful information to know throughout the game. These guides may contain spoilers.

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Calaeris' Guide to Mining This is a guide all about Mining and getting raw resources

Community Guides[edit | edit source]

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Hey, the Scouts mine! An introduction to harvesting/collecting/mining resources, learn about miner bots, and some examples of 'mining teams.' Don't let the scouts mine!
Frame Costs Reference table for the resource costs of buildings and bots.
Miner Costs The resource costs of various builds for mining resources. It may not be a minor cost!
Power and Energy Costs What does it cost to generate power? How do different methods compare in terms of resources and space?

Behavior Guides[edit | edit source]

Some in depth guides and useful information to know throughout the game. These guides may contain spoilers.

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Behavioral Primer A multi-part in depth guide starting with the very basics.

InterfaceDataCoordinate Math

Behavior Interface An overview on the Behavior Interface.
Behavior Programming Step by step walk-throughs on some simple behaviors.
Instructions An index on instructions and what they do.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

Keyboard Shortcuts[edit | edit source]
  • Use CTRL + numbers to group units or buildings. Press the number to highlight, press again to jump to that group. CTRL + Home to change your home location.
  • Look at the minimap to see useful overlays (G - show a small grid around the mouse / P - to show the power grid / N - to follow a unit / M - see selected unit paths)
  • Holding CTRL, SHIFT, or ALT can reveal extended tool tips while hovering the mouse over an item or component. This information can make it easier to plan production chains as it shows production ratios.
New Game[edit | edit source]
  • Before deploying your base, check the immediate area for bumps with the grid overlay underneath the cursor (see above). Orange and Red squares means buildings cannot be placed there.
Building and Planning[edit | edit source]
  • You can easily remove buildings or bots with the Deconstructor.
  • Make sure you space your buildings so your bots have enough room to carry out orders. At least 2-3 squares between different production buildings.
  • Try not to block your buildings on all sides. Your bots won't be able to reach them.
Production[edit | edit source]
  • Keep an eye on the top bar to see resource and material flow. (e.g. You need more Metal Bars than Metal Plates)
  • Double click an item to quickly select it for production.
  • To quickly select an infinite number for production, mouse wheel down when hovering over the number slider.
Storage[edit | edit source]
  • Right click the building icon to fix all storage slots to an item, or none.
  • Lock your storage slots in order to utilize a Shared Storage component.
Exploration[edit | edit source]
  • "Exploration is king!" - (beatwho @ Dev Stream #12). Make sure you explore!
  • While exploring, solving the 'lights out' style puzzle requires you to think and click symmetrically.
  • To make the pipes puzzle easier, work from the outside, in.
  • Don't forget to make use of your Power Cell for exploration after you have built some dedicated power.
What to Watch[edit | edit source]
  • Your Faction (`F`) panel won't be up all that often but that's because you'll be keeping its general import in your head. It shows power budgets, clickable inventory and most importantly the order queue; there's buttons across the bottom, for either the whole faction or for the selected unit's logistics net, everything covered by the power mesh it's drawing from.
  • The logistics order queue is targeted at the small stuff, one order is for at most one stack and unless you've set the device up for it usually just topping up, a production cycle or two. Larger transfers get done by toggling "store" or by management with the behavior chips you can't build right away, but pretty early. You don't want to clog the queue: the smaller the delivery the shorter the trip needs to be.

If you have a guide or tutorial, please add it to the list, or find us on Discord