Shared Storage

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Shared Storage
Set locked slots on unit to allow dumping of excess items
Lua ID c_shared_storage
Size Internal

Set locked slots on unit to allow dumping of excess items


When a building or unit is full and attempts to produce an item it looks for a Shared Storage with the appropriately locked slots to transfer its items to.

Example 1:

You have an Assembler creating Circuit Boards
You have a Storage_Block_(8) with a Shared Storage component
The Storage_Block_(8) has at least one slot locked to Circuit Boards
When the Assembler unit fills up to its maximum capacity it will generate a transfer request to a Shared Storage on the logistics network for all items eligible to be received by a shared storage, freeing up a slot in the Assembler building.

Example 2:

You have decided that the Assembler building above is to be re-tasked to Reinforced Plates production.
Upon switching to Reinforced Plates, the unit will seek to transfer the remaining Circuit Boards or other items to an eligible Shared Storage if they need to be removed in order for the Assembler to produce.

Circuit Board Shared Storage
Circuit Board 1 Arrow Right Shared Storage
Produced by
Assembler Time
4 seconds
Required Technology
Behaviors Behaviors