Robotics Datacube

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Robotics Datacube
A cube of incredibly dense data, the result of running millions of simulations
Lua ID robot_datacube
Type Research
Stack Size 20
Slot Type Storage

The Robotics Datacube is an advanced material item.

Robotics Datacubes are the first accessible Datacube type, used by the Re-simulator to upgrade units and items.

Because the research that allows production of Robotics Datacubes (Gateway Technology) itself requires those cubes to complete, players must first obtain the necessary items from solving Explorables. Once the research is complete, new Robotics Datacubes can be manufactured at a Robotics Assembler.

Crystal Powder High-Density Frame Robotics Datacube
Crystal Powder 1 High-Density Frame 1 Arrow Right Robotics Datacube
Produced by
Robotics Assembler Time
20 seconds

Recipe Uses

Power Core
Output 20
High-Density Frame
IC Chip
Robotics Datacube

Produced By 24 secs

Blight Datacube
Output 5
Blight Plasma
Robotics Datacube

Produced By 24 secs

Robotics Research
Output 1
Datacube Matrix
Robotics Datacube

Produced By 60 secs
Data Analyzer
30 secs
Human Science

Virus Datacube
Output 1
Infected Circuit Board
Robotics Datacube

Produced By 16 secs
Robot Hive