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Guide to Easy Editing

This is a guide to "easy editing" a page for game 'things' like components, bots, buildings. (To see how the game 'things' are categorised, go here)

  • Cub page shows an example layout with the templates used in this guide.

Potential issues and questions to editors:

  • Can be up to four separate templates needed depending on the page. Is that ok?
  • Templates have to keep all parameters, and kept blank if not used. Confusing?

Key Words to know:

  • Header - title (and size) of the paragraph or section = very big = , == big == , === medium === etc.
  • Template - easy way to duplicate things like tables to lots of pages - [[1]]
    • Parameter - allows the template to produce different contents
  • Navbox - the boxes at the bottom of the item page, showing a list of all the other items in it's category
  • Infobox - the box at the top right of the item page, showing its picture and other important info
  • Category - used to group pages

Please give feedback or ask for help in Discord #wiki-spoilers.

Make a Page

Type the URL of the page you want to make. Capitalise the first letter of each word e.g. Building 3x3 (4L)
If a page has been made, feel free to edit it.

Page Layout

Try to keep the layout of the game 'things' the same for each page. Here's a suggestion for item and entity pages:

  • Infobox
  • Intro
  • Description
  • Entity Statistics & Sockets and Storage template
  • Recipe & Produced by template
  • Tips
  • Category template
  • Magic words


At the top of each page copy the following and add a short description. This will be the box with the image (if there is an image).

If there is no image, upload one with the same name as the page e.g. New Building 3x3 (4L).png

|description = few words to describe page


Pages are separated by ===== Headers =====.
Add the following headers if you need them:

===== Description =====

===== Tips =====

  • Entity Statistics & Sockets and Storage, Recipe & Produced by headers are added automatically if you use the templates below.


There are three ready to use templates, and one work in progress. Use them if you need them.

  • Entity Statistics & Sockets and Storage - are grouped together.
  • Component Statistics - needs testing, please provide feedback if you use it.
  • Recipe & Produced by - is a group.
  • Icon Link if you want a miniature icon with its accompanying url {{IL|Cub}} translates to Cub
  • Category - is needed if you want a navbox E.g.

Entity Statistics

An entity is something that moves (Bot, Bug) or a building that can equip a component.

If you want to add Entity Statistics & Sockets and Storage, you can do so by copying the following:

  • Copy everything and leave unwanted parameters blank.
|health = 
|power = 
|movement-speed = 
|visibility = 
|storage = 
|size = 
|race = 
|entity-type1 = 
|entity-type2 = 
|socket-l = 
|socket-m = 
|socket-s = 
|socket-i = 

Recipe/Produced by

If you want to add a recipe, you can do so by copying the {{Recipe_Production template below.

  • Copy and paste after stats. Insert names and numbers
  • You must include all the parameters. If there's only 1/2/3 ingredients or production, leave the rest blank.
|name =
|ingredient1 =
|amount1 =
|ingredient2 = 
|amount2 = 
|ingredient3 = 
|amount3 = 
|ingredient4 = 
|amount4 = 
|produced-by1 =
|time1 =
|produced-by2 = 
|time2 = 


This template will add the Navbox and create a category which is important if you want your page to be added the the navbox automatically (*feature to be added later*).

  • Copy and paste this at the bottom of the page
  • If you only want to use one parameter, leave the others blank.
|race =
|item-type =
|material-type =
|entity-type =
|unit-type =

The following parameters are used:

  • race = Aliens / Bugs / Humans / Robots
  • item-type = Components / Resources / Materials / Research / Packages
  • material-type = Simple / Advanced / High-tech
  • entity-type = Building / Unit
  • unit-type = Alien / Bug / Human / Bot / Space
Page for Metal Ore Page for Scout
|race =
|item-type = Resources
|material-type =
|entity-type =
|unit-type =

|race = Robots
|item-type =
|entity-type = Unit
|unit-type = Bot

Magic words

You can put them anywhere in the page on their own line. Putting them at the bottom keeps them out of the way.

Please let us know about other useful ones on the Discord.


  • A table of contents is Added to pages with four or more headers, use NOTOC with two underscores either side to disable the TOC.


  • Use this to disable the edit icon next to all the headers. Recommended to add when you finish making the page.


Please look at pages' edit code to see some examples While the site is getting set up, it's a bit of a mess so if you find a page that doesn't look like this guide, ignore it and find another.

A link to the Cub with the layout and recipes from this guide.