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Advanced high-speed starter bot with a single small socket
Lua ID f_bot_1s_as
Health 150
Power -10
Speed 4
Visibility 10
Storage 4
Size Unit
Race Robot
Type Bot
Small Sockets 1
Internal Sockets 3
Slot Type Garage

The Scout is a Bot chassis.


Scouts are bots which have one Small socket, three Internal sockets and four Inventory slots. They have higher specs than the Workers and Dashbots that can be built before them, featuring higher speed, greater inventory space and reduced power usage. However, their construction also demands more advanced materials unlocked by late research.

As of the Exploration Update, players begin with one Scout in their starting forces. Additional Scouts can sometimes be acquired from completing Explorables.

Fused Electrodes High-Density Frame IC Chip Scout
Fused Electrodes 2 High-Density Frame 3 Fused Electrodes 1 Arrow Right Scout
Produced by
Robotics Assembler Time
12 seconds
Required Technology
Quantum Robotics Quantum Robotics


  • Scouts are more capable than Workers and Dashbots. The one you start with may be the only one you have for some time, however. Be careful when exploring outside your starting area, lest you run afoul of more Bugs than you can handle!