Building 1x1 (2S)

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Building 1x1 (2S)
Provides an second Small Component Slot at the expense of Inventory Space
Lua ID f_building1x1c
Health 150
Visibility 15
Storage 2
Size Small
Race Robot
Type Building
Small Sockets 2
Internal Sockets 2
Slot Type None

The Building 1x1 (2S) is a player-buildable structure.

Featuring two Small sockets, two Internal sockets and two Inventory slots on a 1x1 platform, this building is an upgrade to the 1x1 (1S) configuration. The second slot Small socket allows for stacking of multiple Components in a small area, such as two Fabricators to accelerate processing of Iron Ore or two Small Turrets to better defend against Bug incursions.

Aside from its higher construction cost, the 1x1 2S's main downside compared to the 1S is the reduced inventory space.

Circuit Board Metal Plate Building 1x1 (2S)
Circuit Board 2 Metal Plate 15 Arrow Right Building 1x1 (2S)
Produced by
Construction Time
3 seconds
Required Technology
Basic Structures Basic Structures


  • You can place multiple Fabricators with different recipes on one building, producing complex items (such as refining Iron Ore directly into Iron Plates) in a compact space. This will require one or two Internal Storage components to hold the intermediate items.