Laser Mining Tool

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Laser Mining Tool
Laser Mining Tool - extracts metal and crystal with high efficiency (2x)
Lua ID c_adv_miner
Size Small
Power -15

The Laser Mining Tool is a Small-size component used to extract materials from natural resource deposits.

The Laser Mining Tool is an advanced variant of the Miner. Like the Miner, it is also used to gather Metal Ore, Crystal Chunks, Silica Sand and Blight Crystal Chunks from resource deposits. The main difference is its work speed; a Miner generates one unit of metal ore over six seconds of work, while the Laser Mining Tool only needs three seconds. For advanced resources such as Laterite Ore or Obsidian Chunks, a Laser Extractor is necessary.

The player begins a new game with two Laser Mining Tools equipped to their Scouts. Once you research and construct a Re-simulator, additional Laser Mining Tools can be obtained by resimulating Miner components.

[[]] Laser Mining Tool
File:.png Arrow Right Laser Mining Tool
Produced by
[[]] Time
File:.png seconds
Required Technology
C0rrup7ed D4tabas3 C0rrup7ed D4tabas3

Tip: Despite requiring no research to produce, one must actually have access to a Resimulator which does require technology.