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A small fabrication unit able to process raw resources and simple components. Missing ingredients are available via register.
Lua ID c_fabricator
Size Small
Power -25

The Fabricator is a Small-sized component used for refining natural resources into useful materials.

Fabricators are production components which craft one or two materials into another. This is used primarily for smelting Metal Ore into Metal Bars, Metal Bars into Metal Plates and Silica Sand into Silicon Sand.

Fabricators can also construct several components important in the early game: additional Fabricators, useful for expanding mining and refining capabilities; and Assemblers, more advanced production components.

The player's starting forces include one Fabricator carried on the Mobile Command Center's inventory. Additional Fabricators can sometimes be looted from Explorables.


  • Because they are small components, Fabricators can be utilized in surprising ways. You can have a building with two Fabricators turning Metal Ore directly into Metal Plates. Maybe the bot transporting Metal Ore from a faraway mine can smelt it on the way home?
Crystal Chunk Metal Bar Fabricator
Crystal Chunk 5 Metal Bar 5 Arrow Right Fabricator
Produced by
Assembler Time
4 seconds
Fabricator Time
4 seconds
Required Technology
C0rrup7ed D4tabas3 C0rrup7ed D4tabas3