Technology/Blight Discovery

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Blight Discovery

Blight Discovery is the technology prerequisite to the Blight tech tree.

As a "discovery" tech Blight Discovery does not appear on the Research menu. Instead, its completion is triggered by interacting with the Blight in one of several ways:

  • Moving a unit such that it passes through the Deep Blight, or
  • Acquiring a unit of Blight Crystal Chunk.

Acquiring this tech unlocks the production recipes for Blight Extractors and small Blight containers, both of which require materials which have Gateway Technology as a prerequisite.

This technology unlocks:

Blight Bar Blight Bar
Blight Container Small Blight Container Small
Blight Crystal Chunk Blight Crystal Chunk
Blight Extraction Blight Extraction
Blight Extractor Blight Extractor

This technology allows access to the following technology:

Blight Research Blight Research


  • You'll know you have a unit within the Deep Blight when the music changes.