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Lua ID f_beacon
Health 1
Visibility 3
Storage 1
Size Other
Race Robot
Type Building
Internal Sockets 1
Slot Type None

A Beacon is a structure available to players.

Description[edit | edit source]

Beacons are 1x1 structures which support one Inventory space and one Internal slot. They are also equipped with two integrated components, a 1-range item transporter and a self-targeting deconstructor.

A Beacon is constructed with one Beacon Kit and will drop that item (and any held items and components) when deconstructed. This allows Beacons to be quickly and easily relocated without the need for a dedicated Deconstructor component or a bot with high carrying capacity.

Beacons' integrated Transporters are the earliest method players have to relieve their bots of logistics workload. A radius of 1 cell allows the Transporter to push and pull items from the surrounding 8 cells. This can be optimized by surrounding the Beacon with larger structures such as 1x2 or 2x2; as long as the building has at least once cell adjacent to the Beacon the two can interact.

Beacon Kit Beacon
Beacon Kit 1 Arrow Right Beacon
Produced by
Construction Time
1 seconds
Required Technology
Behaviors Behaviors