Building 1x1 (1M)

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Building 1x1 (1M)
Sacrifices Inventory Space to be able to support a Medium Component
Lua ID f_building1x1a
Health 150
Visibility 15
Storage 2
Size Medium
Race Robot
Type Building
Medium Sockets 1
Internal Sockets 2
Slot Type None

The Building 1x1 (1M) is a structure which can be built and used by the player.

The smallest building to sport a Medium socket, its lackluster inventory capacity makes it unsuitable for an Assembler unless complimented with other technology such as an Internal Storage Component. It is also an effective platform for Components such as a Turret, Power Field or Repair Component which don't require or interact with inventory.

Circuit Board Reinforced Plate Building 1x1 (1M)
Circuit Board 2 Reinforced Plate 10 Arrow Right Building 1x1 (1M)
Produced by
Construction Time
3 seconds
Required Technology
Basic Robotics Basic Robotics