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This structure allows for the construction and launching of satellite units capable of operating in space.
Lua ID f_amac
Health 400
Power -250
Visibility 35
Storage 4
Size Special
Race Robot
Type Building
Large Sockets 1
Internal Sockets 2
Slot Type None

The AMAC is a building used to load and launch Satellites.

Bridging the gap between space and the planet's surface, the AMAC is critical to the goal of repairing the Mothership. The building covers a 3x2 footprint and features one Large socket with a fixed Satellite Launcher component, two Internal sockets and four Inventory slots.

When a Satellite is loaded into the AMAC's Launcher inventory the Launch action becomes available. Be advised that a faction must first acquire the Mothership's signal with a Long-range Radar. Once the signal is obtained, Satellites will automatically pull requested items from the AMAC's inventory immediately before launch.

High-Density Frame Low-Density Frame Microprocessor Small Modular Reactor AMAC
High-Density Frame 10 Low-Density Frame 10 High-Density Frame 10 Small Modular Reactor 10 Arrow Right AMAC
Produced by
Construction Time
24 seconds
Required Technology
Satellites Satellites


  • The AMAC only has four inventory spaces while Satellites have five. Add an Internal Storage component to make the most of your Satellites' payload capacity.
  • The full name of "AMAC" is not currently stated in game. According to developer beatwho on Discord, it was "originally something like Advanced Material and Aerospace Construction".