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Reconstructs objects on a simulation level, charged via datacubes.
Lua ID f_building_sim
Health 400
Visibility 30
Storage 4
Size Special
Race Robot
Type Building
Internal Sockets 4
Slot Type None

ATTENTION: The following article details game mechanics which are still heavily work-in-progress. Specific information may become out of date as the game receives updates.

The Re-simulator is a building used to upgrade items and bots.

Description[edit | edit source]

The culmination of the introductory research tree is the Re-simulator. It is a building with four Internal sockets, four normal inventory slots, two Garage inventory slots and a unique, integrated Re-simulator Core component. Its purpose is to store Datacubes and spend them to transform items and bots. The building does not have sockets for additional non-Internal components. The building is also capable of measuring Stability, which is a mechanic in freeplay that measures the balance of the world and is related to the story. Different player actions will affect the stability of the world, and stability changes will affect the frequency and intensity of events in the game.

Re-simulator Cores[edit | edit source]

This section details the Re-simulator's integrated component. For the producible item see Resimulator Core.

Data Cubes placed within the Re-simulator's inventory spaces will be automatically pulled into the integrated Re-simulator Core component. Stored cubes are displayed both next to the component and as part of the Stability Meter. The Re-simulator has a total capacity of 100 each of Robot, Virus and Blight Data Cubes.

It is advised not to allow all three cube types to reach full capacity!

There is no menu to select what the Re-simulator produces; when a valid recipe is present within the building it will automatically begin production. After a few seconds the building will output the upgraded product, consuming the material cubes and items in the process.

The recipes for the Re-simulator are hidden and can be found by exploration and experimentation. In the Codex entry for the Re-simulator, you are presented with the very first recipe:

 Robotics Datacube + Miner Arrow Right Laser Mining Tool

Hints for the remaining recipes are sometimes found written on Sign Post components found in Explorables. These recipes are considered spoilers and are found on their own page: Re-simulator/Recipes.

In addition to normal components, the building's Internal sockets support the installation of Simulation Cores. These components increase the Re-simulator's available recipes and sometimes add unique functions. As of the Blight Update, three Simulation Cores are obtainable:

  • The Human Simulation Core enables the output of Human tech such as the Human Tank. It is unlocked as part of the Human Discovery mission.
  • The Virus Simulation Core adds a Wormhole function to the Re-simulator and enables the output of Virus tech. It is unlocked as part of the Anomaly Base mission.
  • The Blight Simulation Core enables the output of Blight tech. It is unlocked as part of the Human Evolution mission.

World Stability[edit | edit source]

The Re-simulator also has the functionality of measuring and influencing the world's simulation stability. This statistic affects the frequency and severity of world events such as Blight storms and Curious Bot appearances.

World stability is measured on the bar near the bottom-left of the screen. The central line indicates the point of greatest stability. Player actions can cause the bar to fill away from the most stable point, either adding value (filling the right / emptying the left) or subtracting value (filling the left / emptying the right).

The right side of the bar is associated with fighting Bugs and controlling the Blight. The stability gauge will move right when killing Bug units and researching Blight technologies. Positive stability is associated with more frequent Curious Bot events.

The left side of the bar is associated with utilizing the Virus. The stability gauge will fill move left when using Hacking Tools and Infected Circuit Boards and researching Virus technologies. Negative stability is associated with longer and more frequent Blight Storms.

Circuit Board Crystal Powder High-Density Frame Silicon Re-simulator
Circuit Board 50 Crystal Powder 50 Circuit Board 50 Silicon 50 Arrow Right Re-simulator
Produced by
Construction Time
30 seconds
Required Technology
Gateway Technology Gateway Technology