Building 2x1 (1M1S)

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Building 2x1 (1M1S)
Lua ID f_building2x1f
Health 200
Visibility 15
Storage 4
Size Medium
Race Robot
Type Building
Medium Sockets 1
Small Sockets 1
Internal Sockets 2
Slot Type None

The Building 2x1 (1M1S) is a player-buildable structure.

This building features one Medium socket, one Small socket and four Inventory slots on a 2x1 footprint. Its ability to support Assemblers and other production components make it more flexible than the 1x1 platforms available near its place in the tech tree. This can also reduce the player's reliance on the Command Center for Medium components.

Circuit Board Metal Bar Metal Plate Building 2x1 (1M1S)
Circuit Board 2 Metal Bar 20 Circuit Board 20 Arrow Right Building 2x1 (1M1S)
Produced by
Construction Time
3 seconds
Required Technology
Basic Structures Basic Structures


  • This building is useful as a stationary mining platform in the early game. Overclock a Miner or Laser Mining Tool by placing it into the Medium socket, boosting its work speed by 50%. The Small socket can host any number of useful components like a Solar Cell, Small Battery or Small Storage.