Building 1x1 (L)

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Building 1x1 (L)
Can support a Large Component but lacks an inventory space
Lua ID f_building1x1b
Health 150
Visibility 15
Storage 1
Size Large
Race Robot
Type Building
Large Sockets 1
Internal Sockets 2
Slot Type None

The Building 1x1 (1L) is a structure which can be built and used by the player.

The smallest platform with a Large socket, the Building 1x1 (1L) is a compact space to mount large power and weapon components. It is unsuitable for production components due to its absence of Inventory slots and limited Internal sockets.

Circuit Board High-Density Frame Building 1x1 (L)
Circuit Board 4 High-Density Frame 5 Arrow Right Building 1x1 (L)
Produced by
Construction Time
3 seconds
Required Technology
Advanced Materials Advanced Materials