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Engineer Unit with excellent production speed and extensive upgradeability.
Lua ID f_bot_1s_adw
Health 120
Power -20
Speed 2
Visibility 20
Storage 2
Size Unit
Race Robot
Type Bot
Small Sockets 1
Internal Sockets 4
Slot Type Garage

The Engineer is a bot chassis.

Description[edit | edit source]

Engineers are small bots with one Small slot, four Internal slots, two Inventory spaces and an integrated Hi-grade Capacitor. The chassis also features a 300% Efficiency stat, allowing any components with work times (such as weapons, miners or producers) to cycle about three times as fast as normal.

The Engineer also features generous Health for a small bot, making it a viable early combat unit. However, its high power usage limits its operating range outside your Logistics Network. Its low speed also reduces its ability to escape from bugs, effectively committing it to most battles.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]
Fused Electrodes High-Density Frame IC Chip Engineer
Fused Electrodes 2 High-Density Frame 2 Fused Electrodes 1 Arrow Right Engineer
Produced by
Robotics Assembler Time
12 seconds
Required Technology
Ultra-tech Framework Ultra-tech Framework

  • Two Engineer bots are part of players' starting forces.
  • The Re-simulator can be used to acquire additional Engineers. Sign Posts found as loot have a chance of being preconfigured to display their recipe.
Updates[edit | edit source]
  • Version 0.1.1???? (Blight Update, Experimental)
    • Efficiency boost changed to 300% (from 150%).
  • Version 0.1.12137
    • Efficiency boost changed to 150% (from 120%)
  • Experimental 0.1.11733: Added.
    • Two Engineers are part of players' starting forces, replacing two Scouts.
    • The Engineer has replaced the Scout's production recipe in the Re-simulator.