Advanced Miner Drone

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Advanced Miner Drone
Lua ID f_drone_adv_miner
Health 5
Power -5
Speed 3
Visibility 5
Storage 1
Internal Sockets 2
Slot Type Drone

The Advanced Miner Drone is a miniature bot chassis which operates from Drone ports.

Advanced Miner Drones are equipped with a hidden Laser Mining Tool component, allowing them to gather Metal Ore, Crystal Chunks, Silica Sand and Blight Crystal Chunks more efficiently than basic Miner Drones. When their home port targets one of these resources the Miner Drones will deploy and begin mining, docking when their inventory is full. It is also possible to set individual drones' registers and inventories for more complex supply line management.

[[]] Advanced Miner Drone
File:.png Arrow Right Advanced Miner Drone
Produced by
[[]] Time
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  • When working miner drones consume 20 power: 15 for the Laser Mining Tool component and 5 power for the drone itself.
  • As of Experimental 0.1.11685 Advanced Miner Drones will no longer dump excess items on the ground when returning to their port, instead hovering nearby until free inventory space becomes available.