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Initial low-tech bots. Mount a single small component and have a single inventory
Lua ID f_bot_1s_a
Health 50
Power -10
Speed 2
Visibility 10
Storage 1
Size Unit
Race Robot
Type Bot
Small Sockets 1
Internal Sockets 2
Slot Type Garage

The Worker is a Bot chassis.

Workers are the first Bot chassis the player can build and the only one that can be produced by an Assembler. Compared to the Dashbot and Scout chassis Workers are slow and lack carrying capacity. However, they can free up the player's staring Scouts for other tasks such as exploration or combat, or fulfill those tasks themselves should the Scouts be lost.

Circuit Board Metal Bar Worker
Circuit Board 1 Metal Bar 5 Arrow Right Worker
Produced by
Assembler Time
7 seconds
Robot Factory Time
File:Robot Factory.png 7 seconds
Required Technology
C0rrup7ed D4tabas3 C0rrup7ed D4tabas3

Tips:[edit | edit source]
  • While not flashy, it's worth not skipping workers. At 24% the resources of a Dashbot and 8% the resources of a Twinbot they're the most cost effective way to grow an economy until traffic becomes an issue