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A bot with two small components to allow complimentary functionality
Lua ID f_bot_2s
Health 150
Power -15
Speed 3
Visibility 10
Storage 4
Size Unit
Race Robot
Type Bot
Small Sockets 2
Internal Sockets 2
Slot Type Garage

The Twinbot is a bot chassis.

The primary functionality of Twinbots comes from their two Small sockets. These can be used to wield two of the same Component (such as a pair of Miners or Small Turrets) or two different Components with complementary functionality (such as a Blight Extractor and Small Blight Container).

Twinbots also feature superior health, inventory space and power efficiency compared to Workers and Dashbots. Be mindful of the power costs associated with having multiple Components on one bot when working away from the Logistics Area.

Circuit Board Energized Plate Wire Twinbot
Circuit Board 5 Energized Plate 10 Circuit Board 10 Arrow Right Twinbot
Produced by
Robotics Assembler Time
12 seconds
Required Technology
Robotics Production Robotics Production