Mobile Command Center

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Mobile Command Center
Lua ID
Health 150
Power -10
Speed 4
Visibility 20
Storage 8
Size Unit
Race Robot
Type Bot
Medium Sockets 2
Internal Sockets 2
Slot Type Garage

The Mobile Command Center is a bot chassis.

Mobile Command Centers are large bots with generous storage space. When starting a new game, each player's force includes one such bot preloaded with components necessary to start a base. Among these are an internal Deployer which, when activated, consumes itself and the Mobile Command Center to construct a stationary Command Center building.

Alternatively, players may disregard the Deployer functionality and instead adopt a "nomadic" style of play using exclusively bots. The chassis features two Medium sockets and eight Inventory slots, giving it the most important part of a Command Center's functionality: the ability to slot medium sized components such as the Assembler. It should be noted that nomadic style sacrifices 4 storage slots and 1 internal slot on Mobile Command Center for ability to move, when compared to stationary Command Center building.

The Mobile Command Center shares an aesthetic with the Scout bots that accompany it. Like the Scouts, the MCC should avoid hazards such as Bug swarms, Viral Bots and the Blight until you start producing units (such as the Cub) that can replicate its functionality.

Fused Electrodes High-Density Frame IC Chip Mobile Command Center
Fused Electrodes 20 High-Density Frame 20 Fused Electrodes 10 Arrow Right Mobile Command Center
Produced by
Robotics Assembler Time
16 seconds