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Lua ID f_drone_transfer_a
Health 5
Power -5
Speed 4
Visibility 3
Storage 1
Size Drone
Internal Sockets 2
Slot Type Drone

The Drone is a miniature bot chassis which operates from Drone ports.

Drones fulfill orders within the Logistics Network, similar to other Bots. Their advantage is the ability to travel over obstructions such as terrain and buildings, enabling them to service tightly packed factories more effectively than ground Bots and wider areas than Portable Transporters. Their disadvantages are their limited carrying capacity per bot, requiring many drones to service high activity factories, and their limited operating range from their home port.

Players first acquire drones in packaged form, manufactured at a Robotics Assembler. The item must then be delivered to their home unit and placed within Drone Inventory slots (two on a Drone Port, six on a Drone Launcher), at which point they will unpack and begin service. A Drone can also be returned to a package by right-clicking its spot on the Drone Inventory and clicking "Repack Drone" or by dragging it into an inventory slot.

Drones can be selected as units from the "F" menu or by right-clicking them in their home inventory and clicking "Select Unit". This allows you to direct the drone like any other bot, equip components and assign a Transport Route.

Cable Circuit Board High-Density Frame Drone
Cable 1 Circuit Board 2 Cable 1 Arrow Right Drone
Produced by
Robotics Assembler Time
24 seconds
Required Technology
Drone Storage Drone Storage


  • Drones can be difficult to load with Internal Components because they deposit their Inventories into their home platform on return. You can drop the components on the ground several tiles away, order the Drone to pick them up, then press "Space" to pause the game and equip the component before the Drone returns home.