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Lua ID f_satellite
Health 100
Power 250
Storage 5
Small Sockets 1
Internal Sockets 2
Slot Type Satellite

This page references the unit. For the technology, see Satellites.

The Satellite is a special bot used to send materials into orbit.

Satellites are first built as a Satellite Package. When moved into an AMAC's Launcher inventory, they will deploy onto the pad. Fire it into orbit using the AMAC's "Launch" action; any materials suitable for orbital reconstruction will be automatically pushed from the AMAC's inventory into the Satellite's payload immediately before liftoff.

A Satellite is not "used up" on launch, instead continuing to exist in orbit around the planet. It can be selected from the "F" menu like all other player units. When selected while orbiting, a "Land" action can be used to recall it to the last AMAC it blasted off from. In this way only a single Satellite is required to complete reconstruction of the Mothership.

[[]] Satellite
File:.png Arrow Right Satellite
Produced by
[[]] Time
File:.png seconds
Required Technology
Satellites Satellites