Drone Launcher

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Drone Launcher
Flight center with <hl>6 slots</> for logistic drones
Lua ID c_drone_launcher
Size Medium

The Drone Launcher is a Medium-sized Component.

Drone Launchers are larger versions of Drone Ports. They act as unpacking sites and home bases for up to six drone-type bots. Moving a packaged drone into a drone slot will unpack the drone and allow it to function. Moving a drone back into the item inventory will repack it, allowing it to be transported and reassigned.

Each Drone Launcher has a register for a target entity, commanding the launcher's drones to fulfill context-sensitive orders. Each model of drone has a certain range around their Drone Launcher within which they can work. A drone no longer in range of its parent launcher, or which leaves the reach of a Power Field, will immediately return directly to the launcher.

When a drone docks inside its home it will empty its entire inventory into the parent unit. Any excess will be dropped onto the ground around the unit.

Microprocessor Optic Cable Transformer Drone Launcher
Microprocessor 10 Optic Cable 10 Microprocessor 5 Arrow Right Drone Launcher
Produced by
Human Factory Time
24 seconds
Human Factory Time
12 seconds
Required Technology
Advanced Drones Advanced Drones


  • Given their greater drone carrying capacity, Drone Launchers are at even greater risk than Drone Ports for dumping of excess items from Miner Drones. Ensure the parent unit has enough inventory space and is regularly emptied. Alternatively, set the drones' Store register to a different unit.