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Unpacks into a completed unit
Lua ID c_deployer
Size Internal

This internal component can be used to store and place buildings and units. The stored frame will maintain all equipped components and register settings.

The Deployer is reusable.

Circuit Board Crystal Chunk Deployer
Circuit Board 1 Crystal Chunk 5 Arrow Right Deployer
Produced by
Assembler Time
6 seconds
Required Technology
Advanced Logistics Advanced Logistics


After equipping a unit with a Deployer, the GUI will offer a "Acquire" button next to it. Click on it and then click an entity that you want to store. The unit will move into range of the target and start packaging, which takes roughly 6 seconds.


When a frame is stored in the Deployer, it can be unpacked and placed within the world. To do so, use the button "Deploy" next to the Deployer. After clicking you can choose a spot and click it. The unit will move to that spot and place the frame, which takes roughly 6 seconds.


Common use cases

Moving buildings

If you want to reorganize your base, you can move buildings using units equipped with Deployers instead of deconstructing them with a Deconstructor and rebuilding them.

Deploy remote infrastructure

If you want to start a remote base, such as a mining outpost, a wind farm on a plateau, you can prepare the necessary buildings in your base. Build a frame, equip the needed components, set a registers and then store it in a Deployer.

This is faster than hauling individual components and frame ingredients to the site. A Scout for example, can carry up to 8 Deployers (1 small slot, 3 internal slots + 4 inventory spaces).

Deploy a surprise army

You can use a Deployer to "summon" units to help you in battle or transportation.