Small Turret

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Small Turret
Basic defensive turret
Lua ID c_portable_turret
Size Small
Power -25
Trigger Radius 5 tiles
Damage 5
Charge Duration 0.6 seconds

The Small Turret is a Small-sized component used to deal damage to hostile entities.

Small Turrets are the first combat-focused components available to the player. They can be used to attack hostile units such as Bugs and their hives, Viral Bots and, in multiplayer, the units of competing factions.

One Small Turret is included in the inventory of the player's starting Mobile Command Center. More can be produced once the player has an Assembler.

Circuit Board Metal Bar Small Turret
Circuit Board 1 Metal Bar 5 Arrow Right Small Turret
Produced by
Assembler Time
3 seconds
Required Technology
C0rrup7ed D4tabas3 C0rrup7ed D4tabas3


  • A Scout with a Small Turret makes an effective explorer in the opening hours of a new game. Take care that your unit does not wander into a swarm of Bugs or become infected by a Viral Bot!
  • The Overclocking mechanic increases fire rate by 50% when placed on a Medium or Large Socket. However, this may be of limited use outside of early Aggressive Enemy scenarios as the benefits of Medium socket Turrets outweigh those of an overclocked Small Turret.