Sign Post

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Sign Post
Show text instead of the visual register
Lua ID c_signpost
Size Internal

The Sign Post is an internal component that allows you to put text or other visuals on a building or bot for easy reference. It takes in a text field, and when it is shown on the visual register, the contents of the sign post will be visible. It's good for keeping track of bots, buildings or anything else. Also, signs can be found in Robot explorables that could have hints for some things in game.

The signs also take in some xml-like tags for more customization.

Style Tags

Here are some style tags that are available. Additional files can be found in Skin.lua (see Modding).

 <hl>yellow text</>
 <bl>blue text</>
 <rl>red text</>
 <gl>green text</>
 <outline>outline text</>
 <header>header text</>

Images can also be used and can reference images in the game. There are a number of items that have special ids, v_ represents values, f_ represent frames (bots and buildings), c_ represent components, and t_ represent tech.

 <img id="f_bot_1s_a"/> displays the Worker
 <img id="f_bot_1s_as"/> displays the Scout
 <img id="crystal"/> displays the Crystal Chunk

You can also find the Lua ID on the infobox up the top right of every wiki page where it is supplied.

Images can also directly reference images in Modding). Images can also be adjusted for width and height.

 <img image="Main/textures/codex/ui/line_h2.png"/>
 <img image="Main/textures/icons/items/blight_extraction.png" width="64" height="64"/>

You can even reference keys that are bound and reference a style:

 <Key action="ExecuteAction" style="hl"/>
Circuit Board Sign Post
Circuit Board 1 Arrow Right Sign Post
Produced by
Assembler Time
1 seconds
Required Technology
Basic Signals Basic Signals