Blight Charger

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Blight Charger
Allows bots to move into blighted areas, provides <hl>50</> power from the blight
Lua ID c_blight_shield
Size Internal
Affected By Events yes

The Blight Charger is an Internal-sized Component.

Blight Chargers allow the equipping units to carry out orders within the Blight, no longer giving the player an error message when attempting to do so. It becomes possible for units to move freely within the Blight and target bots, buildings and resource deposits as they would outside, allowing for the harvesting of Obsidian.

A Blight Charger also generates 25 Power per second while placed on a unit within the Blight, indicated by visual and sound effects around the equipping unit.

Aluminum Sheet Blight Crystal Chunk Blight Charger
Aluminum Sheet 10 Blight Crystal Chunk 10 Arrow Right Blight Charger
Produced by
Assembler Time
4 seconds
Required Technology
Blight Shield Blight Shield


  • Even after completing the Blight Stability research, areas of "deep Blight" will slow the movement of bots that do not have a Blight Charger installed.