Portable Radar

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Portable Radar
Short range detection of resources and other objects in the world. All conditions must be met.
Lua ID c_portable_radar
Size Internal
Power -5
Range 30 tiles
Visual Radius 6

The Portable Radar is an Internal-sized component used to search for specified targets in its detection range.


  • One of the simplest early uses of a Radar is to automatically gather loose Crystal Chunks with a bot. Set the Radar to search for the resources and bind the output register to the bot's Go To register. As with any automated movement, be careful that your bot doesn't run afoul of Bugs while you aren't looking!

Radar Filters

The radar has a number of filter which is important in understanding how to detect things in the world.

Radar Filters
Icon Text Description
Owned This matches anything you own, including units, buildings and foundations.
Enemy This matches enemies of your faction in multiplayer, and some NPC factions. Bugs start as enemies in Aggressive/Hostile, and Neutral in Passive. The other NPC factions start as Neutral.
Ally This matches allies' units (also seen in the faction screen). You are not your own ally.
World This matches anything that is part of the world faction. Dropped items, and resources are skipped for this filter.
Alien This matches the alien explorable race (currently just their explorables).
Human This matches the human explorable race (currently just their explorables).
Bug This matches bugs, their units and buildings.
Robot This matches the robot explorable race (currently just explorables).
Solved This matches solved explorables.
Unsovled This matches unsolved explorables.
Can Loot This matches items that are lootable or has available items to loot (items in its inventory). This applies to items dropped on the ground including scattered resources.
Unit This matches bots, or rather entities with a movement speed.
Building This matches buildings, or rather entities with 0 movement speed.
Construction This matches construction blueprints (they are transparent and blue).
Dropped Item This matches dropped items (both scattered resources and manually dropped items).
Resource This matches resource nodes and scattered resources.
Mineable This matches only resource nodes.
Plateau This matches entities above the plateau height.
Valley This matches entities below the plateau height.
Not blight This matches areas of the map where blight is not present.
Blight This matches areas of the map where blight is present.
Damaged Health is not 100%
Emergency Health is below 75%
Broken Health is below 25%
Powered Down A unit that is powered down using the interface or as a result of glitch virus infection may have this state.
Path Blocked Any unit attempting to path-find may enter a path blocked state if it becomes obstructed.
In Power Grid Anything within a power grid.
Moving Any unit that is in motion.
Idle Any unit or building that is not performing a logistics task may be considered idle (notably, moving units may be idle).
Infected Any unit infected with the glitch virus.
Foundation Any foundation tile including those found at human ruins.
Unpowered All batteries are depleted and/or has no source of power (most buildings don't have internal batteries).
Circuit Board Metal Bar Portable Radar
Circuit Board 1 Metal Bar 5 Arrow Right Portable Radar
Produced by
Assembler Time
6 seconds
Required Technology
Basic Signals Basic Signals