Laser Extractor

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Laser Extractor
Laser that mines <hl>laterite</> and <hl>obsidian</>
Lua ID c_extractor
Size Medium
Power -100

The Laser Extractor is a Medium-sized Component used to extract materials from resource deposits.

Laser Extractors work similarly to the smaller Miner and Laser Mining Tool, gathering materials from an adjacent deposit. However, these tools work exclusively on two resources: Obsidian chunks and Laterite ore.

Microprocessor Small Modular Reactor Transformer Laser Extractor
Microprocessor 1 Small Modular Reactor 1 Microprocessor 1 Arrow Right Laser Extractor
Produced by
Assembler Time
8 seconds
Required Technology
Extraction Extraction


  • Laser Extractors work only on the higher tier ores. They will not replace the smaller mining tools for metal, crystal, silica and blight crystal!