Internal Efficiency Module

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Internal Efficiency Module
Increase component efficiency by 20%
Lua ID c_moduleefficiency
Size Internal
Power -10
IC Chip Refined Crystal Internal Efficiency Module
IC Chip 1 Refined Crystal 1 Arrow Right Internal Efficiency Module
Produced by
Assembler Time
6 seconds
Required Technology
Power Source Power Source


- "Increase Efficency" here means "reduces time to finish a production cycle".

- Reduces the time it takes to craft an item to 80% of its crafting time.

- Stacks muliplicatively, i.e. final crafting time = base crafting time * (0.8 ^ number of modules). Each subsequent module is therefore less beneficial in terms of total time saved than the last.

- You can check the current time it takes your assembler, refinery, robo assembler, etc. in the tooltip of the crafting component.