Solar Panel

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Solar Panel
Solar Panel that generates <hl>300</> power throughout the day and <hl>100</> during the night, with increased output during summer.
Lua ID c_solar_panel
Size Medium
Power 100
Solar Power 200
Affected By Events yes
High-Density Frame IC Chip Refined Crystal Solar Panel
High-Density Frame 5 IC Chip 1 High-Density Frame 5 Arrow Right Solar Panel
Produced by
Assembler Time
6 seconds
Required Technology
Power Storage Power Storage

Optimal Ratios


Solar components generate full power during the day and reduced power at night. Thus they need to be complemented with energy storage such as batteries. We can calculate how much energy we need if we know how much daylight power we need to replace at night and how long the night lasts. Night lasts from 21:30 to 2:20, or 0.2 of the day, and days are 500, 1000, or 1500 seconds respectively depending on whether the day length has been set to Short, Normal, or Long. So the corresponding number of batteries is:

solar_power_generated * 0.8 * 0.2 * day_period / power_storage

Under some conditions (e.g. short days) a battery might be limited by its discharge rate:

solar_power_generated * 0.8 * / drain_rate

day_period Capacitor Small Battery Medium Battery Large Battery
Short 4 1.06 0.32 0.032
Normal 8 1.06 0.32 0.032
Long 12 1.6 0.48 0.048
  • Solar Cells generate 150 additional solar power during summer