Landing Pad

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Landing Pad
Landing Pad
Lua ID c_landing_pad
Size Large

The Landing Pad is a Large-sized Component.

Landing Pads act as an unpacking site and home base for up to three Shuttle Bots. Moving a Medium Flyer Package into a flyer slot will unpack the bot and allow it to function. Moving a bot back into the item inventory will repack it, allowing it to be transported and reassigned.

While they function similarly to smaller Drone Ports and Drone Launchers, Landing Pads are used exclusively by Shuttle Bots to fulfill Logistics Network orders and Transport Routes.

Low-Density Frame Microprocessor Transformer Landing Pad
Low-Density Frame 20 Microprocessor 5 Low-Density Frame 10 Arrow Right Landing Pad
Produced by
Human Factory Time
24 seconds
Human Factory Time
12 seconds
Required Technology
Shuttles Shuttles