Blight Power Generator

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Blight Power Generator
Blight power extraction cell generating <hl>1000</> power inside the blight
Lua ID c_blight_power
Size Medium
Affected By Events yes

The Blight Power Generator is a Large-sized Component.


Blight Power Generators are components that passively generate 1000 Power when placed inside deep areas of Blight. Their use requires the equipping unit or building to be placed within Blight areas that are otherwise inaccessible without a Blight Charger or the Blight Stability research.

Blight power generation is unaffected by the Blight Storm world event.

Blight Bar Blight Plasma Obsidian chunk Blight Power Generator
Blight Bar 10 Blight Plasma 20 Blight Bar 20 Arrow Right Blight Power Generator
Produced by
Assembler Time
12 seconds
Required Technology
Blight Power Blight Power