Shield Generator

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Shield Generator
Energy shield - Uses power to charge a shield that mitigates up to <hl>40</> damage
Lua ID c_shield_generator2
Size Internal
Power Storage 40
Charge Rate 10

The Shield Generator is an Internal-sized component.

Shield Generators are internal components which grant a 40 HP shield to the equipping unit, recharging at a rate of 10 HP per second when sufficiently powered. Any damage dealt to the unit will be applied to shields before hull. Multiple shield components can be used on a single unit to increase durability.

Cable Circuit Board Refined Crystal Shield Generator
Cable 2 Circuit Board 1 Cable 1 Arrow Right Shield Generator
Produced by
Assembler Time
6 seconds
Required Technology
Power Field Power Field


  • While a substantial upgrade over the Portable Shield Generator, this component still does not make units invincible! Mobility is key to avoiding damage, especially against stronger hostiles like the Ravager which deal lots of damage in a short time.