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Uploads data to orbital mainframe for tech research
Lua ID c_uplink
Size Medium
Power -100
The Uplink is a Medium Component used to perform Research.
Uplinks produce research progress by spending the materials required by the player's assigned research. Each set of materials produces one "block" of progress towards research completion.
Circuit Board Metal Bar Uplink
Circuit Board 1 Metal Bar 5 Arrow Right Uplink
Produced by
Assembler Time
4 seconds
Required Technology
C0rrup7ed D4tabas3 C0rrup7ed D4tabas3


  • Research can be accelerated by using multiple Uplinks. Each individual Uplink will reserve a separate segment of the current research goal.
  • If all remaining segments from a given technology are reserved, an Uplink will reserve a segment from the next queued technology.
  • An Uplink cannot reserve a research segment if it cannot functionally store a required item. (Blight Extraction for example.)
  • If you are having problems progressing your research, follow these steps to determine the issue:
    • Is your Uplink not accepting the current research subject? The bot or building it's mounted on may not have inventory space for all the items required. Add storage components or move the Uplink to a different platform.
    • Do you have one last block of research that won't finish? Find the unit that's claimed it via the "F" menu; it may not be accessible from your Logistics Network.