Item Transporter

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Item Transporter
Enables automatic transfer of inventory directly between any Building or Unit in range
Lua ID c_crane
Size Medium
Power -25
Range 3 tiles
Cable Crystal Powder IC Chip Item Transporter
Cable 5 Crystal Powder 5 Cable 2 Arrow Right Item Transporter
Produced by
Assembler Time
4 seconds
Required Technology
Automation Automation


Transporters are capable of one "pick up" or "drop off" action per tick (5 ticks = 1 second). So if the transporter isn't the source or the destination it will generally fulfill each order in 2 ticks (one to pick up and one to drop off), and throughput will depend on the size of the order being satisfied. Production components will generally request less than a full stack, the storage register will generally move 1 stack per order, and behaviors can move arbitrary numbers of items up to the size of the frame the transporter is on.

  • A transporter always takes the item into its own inventory before moving it to the destination, and it won't work if it can't.
  • Using a building with a larger footprint (e.g. 2x1 or 2x2) can increase the component's reach
  • A building with two transporters won't move items faster than a building with one transporter. However two buildings with one transporter each can move up to twice as many items as one building with one transporter