Wind Turbine

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Wind Turbine
Constant <hl>50</> power generation per second, <hl>100</> when located on the plateau
Lua ID c_wind_turbine
Size Medium
Affected By Events yes

The Wind Turbine is a Medium-sized component used to generate power.

Wind Turbines generate power passively at all times, requiring no input of resources or special conditions. Their output is increased when present on Plateau terrain, making them an effective step up from Solar Cells and Crystal Power.

The output of Wind Turbines is further boosted during Blight Storms.

Circuit Board Energized Plate Wire Wind Turbine
Circuit Board 3 Energized Plate 6 Circuit Board 5 Arrow Right Wind Turbine
Produced by
Assembler Time
20 seconds
Required Technology
Expanded Power Expanded Power