Portable Shield Generator

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Portable Shield Generator
Energy shield - Uses power to charge a shield that mitigates up to <hl>20</> damage
Lua ID c_shield_generator
Size Internal
Power Storage 20
Charge Rate 5

The Portable Shield Generator is an Internal-sized component.

Portable Shield Generators are internal components which grant a 20 HP shield to the equipping unit, recharging at a rate of 5 HP per second when sufficiently powered. Any damage dealt to the unit will be applied to shields before hull. Multiple shield components can be used on a single unit to increase durability.

Circuit Board Energized Plate Silicon Portable Shield Generator
Circuit Board 1 Energized Plate 3 Circuit Board 2 Arrow Right Portable Shield Generator
Produced by
Assembler Time
4 seconds
Required Technology
Expanded Power Expanded Power


  • Portable Shield Generators do not make units invincible! They add very little HP and are instead best utilized with kiting tactics to allow the shield to regenerate.
  • Try putting this component into a Re-simulator...
  • Shields can't charge from batteries (including crystal power). This is caused by shields being implemented as batteries and is considered a bug.