Human Factory

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Human Factory
A small fabrication unit able to process raw resources and simple components. Missing ingredients are available via register.
Lua ID c_human_factory
Size Internal

This page references the player-buildable component, not the Explorable.

The Human Factory is a Large-sized Component.

Human Factories allow the player to produce materials and components unlocked by the Human tech tree. This includes Human Datacubes, Low Density Frames, Power Units and more.

Crystal Chunk Metal Bar Human Factory
Crystal Chunk 5 Metal Bar 5 Arrow Right Human Factory
Produced by
Assembler Time
4 seconds
Fabricator Time
4 seconds
Required Technology
Production Production


  • Many of the materials produced by Human Factories are necessary for the endgame. While the simpler materials' recipes can be fit onto a 1x1 (1L) building with two Internal Storage components, most other items will require at least a 2x1 (1M1L) and its four inventory slots.