Blight Magnifier

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Blight Magnifier
Slowly regenerates nearby resources up to 200, only works if placed inside the blight
Lua ID c_blight_magnifier
Size Medium
Power -250
Range 2 tiles

The Blight Magnifier is a component that is unlocked from the Blight Tech Tree. It's in game description says:

 Slowly regenerates nearby resources, only works if placed inside the blight

Specifically, this component works the following way:

  • The bot or building that this component is attached to is checked to see if it's in the Blight. (This is the deep Blight that normally has interference). This will be checked every 50 Ticks if not in the blight.
  • This component will work if there's a Blight Storm event.
  • This component has a range of 2, so on bigger buildings, it'll will affect more tiles.
  • This component will regenerate all resource nodes in range by 1, but it will only increase it to a maximum of 200 remaining resources. If a node had been mined out, the node will not reappear. If the resource node is rich and large (2x2 for Metal Ore/Silica, or 3x3 for Crystal Chunk/Laterite ore), only one of the tiles needs to be in range for the regeneration to happen.
  • This work time for this component is 100 Ticks. This can be sped up by Overclocking and boosting components as usual.
Blight Bar Blight Datacube Microprocessor Blight Magnifier
Blight Bar 10 Blight Datacube 1 Blight Bar 5 Arrow Right Blight Magnifier
Produced by
Assembler Time
12 seconds
Required Technology
Magnification Magnification