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Stores excess power from your power grid making it available when needed
Lua ID c_capacitor
Size Internal
Power Storage 4000
Drain Rate 100
Charge Rate 800

The Capacitor is an Internal-sized Component which stores excess Energy for later use.

This internal component stores up to 2000 Power. It recharges at a rate of 500 Power per second (fully charging in 4 seconds at max input) and discharges at a rate of 25 Power per second (fully depleting in 80 seconds at max output).


  • Some use cases for the Capacitor include:
    • Bots expected to spend time away from a main Logistics Network
    • Buildings supplied by solar power to counter the reduced power generation at night
    • Combat bots and buildings to keep them active in the event of losing access to Power Fields
Circuit Board Crystal Chunk Capacitor
Circuit Board 1 Crystal Chunk 10 Arrow Right Capacitor
Produced by
Assembler Time
6 seconds
Required Technology
Power Transference Power Transference