Crypto BitLock

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Crypto BitLock
Temporarily locks enemy units from movement
Lua ID c_virus_bitlock
Size Medium
Power -25
Trigger Radius 5 tiles
Damage 2
Charge Duration 5 seconds
Projectile Delay 0.2 seconds

The Crypto BitLock is a turret that specializes in disabling units. It's very useful if you want to hack another unit, without getting killed in the process.

This turret does very little damage and takes 25 ticks to recharge. The shot takes 1 tick to apply to the target. The shot will add a debuff to the target that forces it to be Powered Down for 25 ticks, after which it will be removed. Attacking the target while it is already locked will not refresh the duration.

Energized Plate Infected Circuit Board Crypto BitLock
Energized Plate 5 Infected Circuit Board 1 Arrow Right Crypto BitLock
Produced by
Assembler Time
3 seconds
Required Technology
Virus Crypto Virus Crypto